You can create a profile with GenieBelt by signing up or by being invited.

You can sign up from

From our website, you can sign up the following ways:

  • Enter your email and click on Try for Free!

  • Click on Free Trial

  • Click on Log in and then click on Sign Up now

When signing up, we require Full Name, Email, Telephone Number, Company Name, Sector, Job Title and a password.

As a new user, you will be given access to one free project with limited features.

If you want to join an existing project or company, and their subscription, you will need to be invited by the project/company admin to gain access to their projects and subscription.

If you have been invited and received an invitation email, your profile will automatically be created after providing your name, company and password.

Once you have created a profile, log in here.

Currently, we do not allow new users to sign up via our Mobile App.

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