Companies is a way for our users to group and manage their projects and members.

It allows colleagues to gain visibility of the entire team and project portfolio, join any of the company’s projects, and be a part of the same subscription and feature set.

Every user is part of at least one company, but a user can be part of multiple companies. Every project is owned by one company.

Please note that if you are part of a project, it does not necessarily mean you are part of the company.

Projects Dashboard

From the Projects Dashboard, you will find all the projects and companies you are a part of.

Companies you are part of will include the Projects and Members button to the right side of the company name. You will also see the Create new project button underneath the company name.

Creating a Company

If you signed up to GenieBelt, you will automatically have your own company.

If you were invited into GenieBelt through a project, you will automatically have your own company, but you will not automatically be a part of the company that invited you into the project.

If you were invited into GenieBelt through a company, you will automatically be a part of that company. You will not have your own company.

You can always create a new company from the Projects Dashboard with the Create a new company button.

Company Roles

Within each company, every user has a role: Manager, Admin, Member

The Manager and the Admins can invite/remove members, change access levels, and transfer project ownership. Members have no admin functions with the company, but can join any project and can see all the members.

Get Invited into a Company

If you are not part of a specific company and you want to be included, get in touch with that company. The company manager or a company admin can invite you.

Company Profile

From the Projects Dashboard, you can access the Company Profile page. From the Company Profile, you can do the following:

-See the Companies Projects and Members

-Join any of their Projects

-Create New Projects

-Manage Company Members (only admins/manager)

-Manage Company Settings (only admins/manager)

Transfer a project to a Company

If a project is owned by the wrong company, you can transfer the ownership to another company.

To transfer a project, you must be an Admin or Manager of the company that owns the project. As well, you must be at least a Member of the company you wish to transfer it to.

To Transfer the ownership, go to the Project Settings.

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