The Table Editor provides a list of all the tasks for a project and allows you to make bulk changes.

The Table Editor can be found within Tasks section on our Desktop version, you can toggle to our Table Editor from the Gantt Chart. Click on the Gantt/Logo icon within the toolbar and select Table Editor.

You are presented with a full list of all your tasks in order, with task name, start and end date, tags, and the assignee.

You can search for keywords and filter results by status using the filter/search in the top right corner. This will allow you to update only a selection of tasks.

After selecting the tasks you wish to change, open the drop down window within the toolbar and select which action you would like to take. Below are the options:

  • Delete

  • Update Start Date

  • Update End Date

  • Add Tags

  • Update Responsible

  • Change to a Milestone (Changes duration to 0 and changes end date to the same as start date)

  • Change to a Task (Changes duration to 1 and changes end date to the same as start date)

  • Change Working Week

  • Change Scheduling Mode

  • Shift Tasks (Shifts the start dates of all selected tasks the same amount of days. Please note that it will change the scheduling mode of tasks to Manual)

Within the Table Editor, you are also able to directly edit the task information presented by simply double clicking on a given data point.

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