GenieBelt gives you an easy to read overview of the current, real-time status of your project. You can see this at any time by selecting the "Overview" when in your project.

At a glance, this overview should give you a quick sense of what's happening and what may require attention in your project.

The overview shows:

  1. The days remaining and the currently scheduled end date for your project.

  2. Current project completion and expected completion as percentages.

  3. An easily readable doughnut chart that summarises the number of tasks that are in progress, delayed or have problems.

  4. A table of individual, ongoing tasks - when task progress was most recently reported, their current status and their assignees.

  5. A table of individual tasks that are complete - when they were completed, their planned start date, the time span in which they were actually done and their assignees.

Click on any task, and it will take you directly to the Gantt chart with the task details open.

Download Project Report

From this overview page you can also download a printable PDF project report which you may want to use for regular project meetings or distribute and share with colleagues and clients.

The project report length can be between 1 to 4 weeks in the past.

The project report includes a summary of task progress, completions, delays, problems and comments reported, as well as any photos or files that were uploaded in this time period.

4 pages from an example:

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