Often the planned start and end date of a task don't match reality, and work is either early or late. With these two fields, users on-site can let the team know when the task will actually start and how many days are really needed. Planners can then use this data to make corrections and adjust the schedule so it mimics reality as much as possible, saving time and resources.

Updating Actual Dates

Currently, there are two ways to update the Actual Dates: by updating the task from mobile or web. 


When you update the status of a task the Actual Start and End Date fields appear beneath the Progress Percent Bar. Simply click on the fields and a calendar will appear allowing you to select the desired dates. After selecting one or both dates, update progress and the task will now shows these Actual dates. 


On the Task screen from the Mobile, beneath the 'planned' Start and End Date, there will be an option to 'Tap to enter Actual Start or End Dates'. After tapping on this option, the two date fields will be visible and you just need to tap on the date box you want to update, and a calendar will appear. After submitting a date, the dates will appear on that Task screen, along with updating all platforms for everyone to see.


Besides seeing the dates from the Tasks within Mobile and Web, when you download the Project CSV, there are two columns for Actual Start Date and Actual End Date. These dates can not be updated from the CSV, they are only there for reporting purposes.

P6 Import/Export

With the New P6 Import/Export, you can import your Actual Start and End Dates from your .xer file into GenieBelt. As well, when you export an .xer file from GenieBelt, it will include the Start and Actual End Dates and you can import those back into P6. Please note that we will not export Actual Start Date when progress is 0%. Likewise, we will not export Actual End Date when progress is below 100%.

At this time, the dates are not visible any other place, but eventually we will add further reporting features to these dates. 

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