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LB Aproplan - Overview presentation of the documents screen - Web
LB Aproplan - Overview presentation of the documents screen - Web
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If you click on Documents in the Entire project (on the top left corner, you can see the project's name and just under this name, you see where you are in the project: in the entire project or the name of the list), you will access the overview of the documents.

At the top of this overview, you can see the data of the documents:

  • Amount of points (on the document)

  • Amount of versions (of the document)

  • Document name

  • Type of document (report, plan, picture)

  • Uploaded by (the author of the document, i.e. the person who uploaded it)

  • Upload date

If you go over a document with your mouse, you will see three extra functions appear:

Preview the document


Edit, archive, delete or show details of the document

Note: If the function is displayed in light grey, it means you do not have the necessary access rights on the whole project. Please contact the administrator of the project to get the correct access rights.

In the search bar at the top of the screen, you can click on the filter icon in order to display the active or archived documents.

The active documents are displayed by default.

You can then click on the small arrow to the right of the search bar to start an advanced search:

The application filters automatically on All but you can also choose to filter your documents more precisely according to different criteria and then click on Add to save these criteria:

Do not forget to take capital letters into account. The data you enter in the search bar must correspond to the document's data.

To the right of the search bar, you will also see 5 other icons:

Folder structure

Click here to see the documents in a folder structure

When you are in the folder structure, you will also see that the icon changes: it is now totally white.

Show/hide folder

  • You can also click on the arrow next to the folder to show or hide the different subfolders.

Add a subfolder

  • You can add a subfolder by clicking on the icon to the right of the Public folder and then on + add a subfolder

You cannot add any new subfolder in the pictures and reports folders.

The "My pictures" and "My reports" folder are created automatically and all your pictures and reports will be saved in these folders. When a user gives you access to their pictures or reports folders, a new map will be added automatically.

For instance:

Pictures - User A

Reports - User B

A window appears, in which you can input the subfolder's name and then click on Save on the bottom right corner.

The subfolder was successfully created

You can then choose to create another subfolder under Architecture, edit the name of the Architecture folder or delete the Architecture folder, which is a subfolder of Public, by going over the newly created folder with your mouse and click on the 3 little dots, next to "Architecture".

According to your access rights, you will or will not see these options.

Export the folder structure:

Click at the top of the folder structure, next to Folders, on the three little dots to export your structure in Excel.


Click here to display the documents in thumbnails (at this moment, you are in the list overview of the documents).

The icon changes to inform you that you are now in the thumbnail overview of the documents.

Click on the icon with the three dots...

... to access the different options (preview document, download document, edit the document's title, archive the document)

Depending on your access rights, you will see these options in black (available) or in light grey (not available)

Access your account's settings or log out of LB Aproplan.

Got a problem? Contact our support here or ask your questions online directly on the app.

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