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LB Aproplan - How to add & invite participants to a project? - Web
LB Aproplan - How to add & invite participants to a project? - Web
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Now that you have created your project, you should add participants to it so that they can work with you via LB Aproplan.

Colleagues, stakeholders, contractors, engineers … would probably love to get access to the documents/plans of the project everywhere and to make some points on it or to be invited to your list and finally to receive your reports.

In this article, you will find information on:

  1. Adding participants

  2. Inviting participants

With an Enterprise licence, the newly added participant will be displayed in red, and they have by default access to nothing on the project. This allows you to add participants and send them your reports without them having access to the project as such. If the participant needs to have access to the project, you will need to invite them.

With other licences, participants will be automatically invited after having been added.

Adding a new participant

There are two main ways to add a new participant:

- Via their e-mail address

- Via the import (form another project) function

a. Adding a participant with their e-mail address

  • Select the Entire Project (you should not be in a list)

  • Click on the Participants menu.

  • At the bottom right corner of your screen, you will see a green +. You can click directly on this button to add a participant to the project.

  • Insert the participant's e-mail address and then click on Add.

b. Importing participants from another project

  • You can also directly import participants who are already active in one of your other projects. Go over the green "+" button with your mouse and click on this icon to do so.

  • The import window opens. You can choose from which project you wish to import a participant or search for a participant. After selecting the participant you wish to add, click on Import.

Inviting a participant (Enterprise licence only)

With an Enterprise licence, you have the possibility to choose who you want to invite to your project. With other licences, all participants are automatically invited after having been added.

Participants that are not yet invited appear in red.

  • To invite a participant, you need to open the entire project and go to the list of participants.

and then participant:

You can then go over the participant's name with your mouse and click on the invite icon to the right of your screen.

  • A window pops up where you can choose the language in which the invitation e-mail will be sent to the participant. Confirm your choice and the participant will be invited.

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