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LB Aproplan - How to edit the participant information? - Web
LB Aproplan - How to edit the participant information? - Web
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You can edit the information of participants you invited on a project. You will learn to know how to do it in this section.

  • Select the Participants menu in the entire project.

When going over a participant with your mouse, you will see 3 icons appearing, one of which will allow you to edit the participant's information:

  • The participant's information window then pops up and you can edit the participant's personal information as well as their company information.

Tip: The address, the name of the company as well as the VAT number that you have encoded for yourself, will be displayed in the footnote of your reports.

  • In the personal information section, you can also define links between the participant and some categories. This will automatically define the participant as the user in charge of points created in the category to which he is linked.

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