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LB Aproplan - How do I sync LB Aproplan and Bricsys 24/7 ? - Web
LB Aproplan - How do I sync LB Aproplan and Bricsys 24/7 ? - Web
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So you use LB Aproplan for your field reports and Bricsys 24/7 (previously known as Chapoo) to centralize all of your documents. Wouldn't it be great if both platforms would be synchronized so that there is only one version of the truth on both platforms? Now there is...

What are the benefits?

  • No more time wasted to transfer plans from Bricsys 24/7 to LB Aproplan.

  • Always be sure that you have the latest version of a document on LB Aproplan .and all of your pictures and reports in Bricsys 24/7.

  • All of the documents with you at all time on LB Aproplan even the .dwg, .xls, along with the other 70 formats that Bricsys 24/7 supports.

What will you synchronize between LB Aproplan and Bricsys 24/7?

  • Plans and documents that are put into Bricsys 24/7 will be synchronised to LB Aproplan automatically and without any effort

  • Reports and Pictures Generated in LB Aproplan will be synchronized to Bricsys 24/7

  • Plans put into LB Aproplan can also be synchronized to Bricsys 24/7 of course

This will help you ensure that you always have the latest version of your documents with you on the field and make sure that your data is centralized in Bricsys 24/7 as Central document Management System. This way you have the best of both worlds.


On both Bricsys 24/7 and LB Aproplan you will need to be and ADMIN of your project. Also make sure that your account is activated both with Bricsys 24/7 and LB Aproplan

Because this sync is still in Beta your login needs to be enabled by both Bricsys 24/7 and LB Aproplan. If you want to use this feature please send us a mail

Let’s get started!

This little tutorial will show you how to set up the Sync between your Bricsys 24/7 & LB Aproplan.

Two options


Sync between Bricsys 24/7 and LB Aproplan.


Sync between LB Aproplan and Bricsys 24/7.

Once a folder is synched in the way LB Aproplan > Bricsys 24/7 or Bricsys 24/7 > LB Aproplan, each new document or new version of a document will automatically be added without you having to do anything, it is impossible to adjust in the other way around. Of course when we say documents we mean plans, pictures, reports or any other document.

Option n°1: Sync between Bricsys 24/7 and LB Aproplan.

  • First you have to login to Bricsys 24/7 here.

  • Then you have to go to "administration" (1)

  • To go to the structure of your documents (2)

  • In here you can choose the folder you wish to sync with LB Aproplan (3)

  • For this you have to click on the little "Sync" icon (4)

  • A frame will then appear on your screen, where you have to insert your LB Aproplan login and password.

  • Click Next.

  • In your LB Aproplan project select the folder where you want to sync your documents to.

  • Click Sync.

You are done with these first steps. All the folders that are synchronized with LB Aproplan will have the LB Aproplan logo next to them.

  • Before going to the field don’t forget to upload your plans to your iPad so that you can work even when you don’t have any sync.

  • From your iPad navigate to the folder where your document or plan is located and select the "Tick-box" at the top.

  • Select the documents you want to preload.

  • In the menu at the bottom select preload or preload all versions in case you also want to preload the previous versions.

Option n°2: Sync between LB Aproplan and Bricsys 24/7

Now that we have set up the sync between Bricsys 24/7 and LB Aproplan we have all of the plans and documents from Bricsys 24/7 into LB Aproplan.

Now it is time to set up the sync between LB Aproplan and Bricsys 24/7 so that all of your reports, documents and pictures made in LB Aproplan are also visible in Bricsys 24/7 .

  • First, let’s login into LB Aproplan and go to the documents of the Entire project.

  • Under the little arrow at the top of the folder structure select synchronization.

  • Add your Bricsys 24/7 login and password

  • Click on Change

  • Click on Next

Then select the project and the folder to which you want to synchronize your photos to Bricsys 24/7 .

Once this is done your LB Aproplan picture folder will be synchronized with pictures from LB Aproplan in Bricsys 24/7 . Each time you make a new picture in LB Aproplan you will find it automatically in that folder in Bricsys 24/7 .

Got a problem? Contact our support here or ask your questions online directly on the app.

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