Piesync is an application working hand in hand with LetsBuild to help you synchronise your contacts both ways. More precisely, it helps you to involve directly any of your desired contacts (email or other) with one or several of your LetsBuild projects.

Is your email address compatible with Piesync? No worries, this app works with most of the email servers, including Gmail, Outlook, Microsoft Exchange, Flexmail, MailerChamp, etc. For a better idea of all the possible connections with Piesync, please click here.

Last but not least, Piesync works on any devices, which enable you to synchronize your data both on the iPad and your laptop.

Overall, why would you want to use Piesync?

-Allows you to easily consolidate customer contacts from multiple apps so you can gain a 360° view of your customers

-Eliminates tedious back-office operations such as manual data entry or importing/exporting your customer data between your cloud apps.

-You have the freedom to choose which apps you want to work with

-All of your apps are up to date with the latest customer data

-You can choose to share all or some of your contacts

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