Today, project managers, site managers, procurement teams and subcontractors keep critical information in multiple disconnected tools and formats (Excel, MS Project, even whiteboards and paper notes), sent back and forth by email, SMS and WhatsApp.

This makes it very difficult to see the aggregate impact of problems and changes, which is necessary in order to make timely and well-informed decisions.

With our Integrated planning feature you can synchronise all your different project schedules and see how they impact each other in real time.

  • Never miss an important milestone or development

  • Boost visibility and transparency

  • Improve communication with subcontractors

  • Easy alignment between on-site and off-site teams

How To Use Integrated Planning

LetsBuild’s Integrated Planning feature, is a module that must be activated within your account - to do this please contact your dedicated Account Executive or Customer Success Manager. Once the Integrated Planning module is enabled, you’re ready to start connecting your tasks and schedules. Please note that the feature is only accessible for Project Owners or Admin users.

Within your project in LetsBuild, click on a Task. You will then see a new Connections tab located within the Task Details panel on the right side.

1. To start connecting your tasks/schedules you will need to:
Select the task on your main/master programme, and click on the Connections tab.

2. This will take you to the Connections option screen, which can be seen below.

3. By clicking on the drop down menu, you will see all the LetsBuild projects that you are a part of and that you can select to connect with.

4. After selecting the relevant project from the list, you will automatically be taken to that project.

5. From there you can select the Task(s) or Groups that you want to link back to your original project. To do this you can simply click on a single Task or Group, or you can use the Shift or Control keys to select multiple Tasks or Groups.

6. After confirming your selection you will automatically be taken back to the original programme where you will now see the list of connected tasks in the Connections tab.

This view will show you the current status of your connected tasks, including: percent completion, planned start and finish dates and it’s LetsBuild status (using our Red/Amber/Green statuses).

Additionally you can now click on these connected Task names to be taken directly to the specific task in the connected programme - this way you can see all the updates and the Activities trail information relating to that Task. This gives you an increased visibility on important activities, and improves communication and collaboration around the different connected schedules within a Project.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact our support team!

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