Whether you are an administrator and want to have an overview of all your projects or you are executing on different sites, the Cross-project Gantt chart can help you see everything.

With our Cross-project Gantt chart feature you can optimise the use of resources across projects and locations to avoid double booking or missed deadlines.

The Cross-project Gantt chart allows you to view, check and reassign resources across projects.

  • Assign or reassign teams to tasks and projects

  • Check status versus deadlines

  • View milestones and plan payments

  • Make weekly task lists for subcontractors

Feature update - Bulk assign from Cross-project Gantt chart

Our new feature allows you to assign in bulk directly from the Cross-project Gantt chart!

How to assign in bulk

  1. Highlight the tasks

  2. Click on '# tasks selected' (next to the 'save view' button in the right side)

  3. Choose 'Add assignees'

Please wait a few seconds to see your changes.

OBS: You need to be a project admin in order to make changes in bulk on tasks.

How to use Cross-project Gantt

LetsBuild’s Cross-project Gantt is a module that must be activated within your account. Please contact your dedicated Account Executive or Customer Success Manager if you would like to enable this feature.

To access the Cross-project Gantt, click on the ‘Cross project’ tab in the main menu.

Cross-project Gantt overview

In the toolbar menu, you can customise your display including adding a public holiday overlay, and use our download option to extract your data.

‘Company views’ allows you to view all of the filtered views saved to your company account.

You are also able to create and save filters that only you can see. These filters will be displayed under ‘Your views’.

Drag and drop filters

Our new feature allows you to define the ordering of your views. Just drag and drop a filter to rearrange your views.

Filter on task and projects

The multitude of filters makes it possible to create different views and thereby create quick access to these views. For example you can choose to see all tasks that are overdue in the last 7 days or problems over a larger period of time. The Cross-project feature allows you to focus on a specific date or date range, which can be useful especially in ‘repetitive’ projects, where new milestones arrive on different projects at the same time.

How to create a filter

Create a filter in Cross-project module in 3 steps and save it as a custom view for quick access at all times.

Click on the ‘+ Add filter’ button above the Gantt chart.

1. Choose between two main option filters:

  • filter on task level

  • filter on project level

Now you can determine the subject of your filter at either task or project level.

2. Define how broad or narrow the search should be. A broad search will retrieve more results while a narrow search is more precise, but with fewer results.

In this example, we are searching for a task assignee and will set a narrow search criteria ‘is’ in order to have a more precise search result.

You can also combine various filters using and/or criteria to create a very specific data set.

3. Finally you can specify and apply the filter.

  1. Subject: ‘Task assignee’

  2. Search criteria: ‘is’

  3. Specify the search subject: Vadim Usaciov

This will enable you to have a list for all the tasks that have been assigned to Vadim Usaciov.

Company and Your views

You can save your custom view to company views, as a new pre-saved view or as changes to an existing custom view by clicking on the ‘Save view’ button.

Hereafter, you will be able to choose this pre-saved filter option with just one click.

Feature update - Save project name to your views

With our new feature you can easily see the project name on all your tasks and save this view to a new or an existing custom view in Cross-project Gantt chart. This is especially interesting for subcontractors who often have a list of tasks with the same title. It is now possible to differentiate between tasks immediately.

In this example, we show how to display and save the project name to a filter with tasks that has been assigned to assignee: Joelle Jelsted.

  1. Click on Row options

  2. Toggle 'Show project name' on

  3. Click on 'Save view'

  4. Save changes to existing view

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